Solar Survival Kit


Made to fit into your home backup, car safety, or storm preparedness kit.

Who wouldn’t want a power source in an emergency situation? Whether it be a winter storm, rolling blackout, or simply going on an adventurous trek off-the-beaten path, no one wants to find themselves S.O.L. in a critical moment. Find confidence and security in the ability to have lighting, start a fire, stay connected, and call for help with a Sol Green Energy Survival Kit.

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No one knows what the future will bring. The Sol Survival Kit was made to take the edge off the darkest of “Mad Max” scenarios.

This kit comes with everything we offer in USB gear, giving you a perfect emergency power system should civilization descend into a zombie filled, alien controlled, robot dominated apocalypse.

With a Sol Survival kit your doomsday scenario will be lit. With the power of a USB generator in your hand, you’ll be able to create ambience with music and lighting, start a campfire, and charge all your favorite devices; all with the power of sunshine.


Products Included:

  • mini SunCharger (TM)
  • Second 1000mAh power pack
  • Tactical grab-and-go carry pouch
  • Lighted USB multicable
  • Tactical UBS flashlight
  • USB Plasma Lighter
  • Swag Pack: USB Fan, book light, solar LED light keychain, soft white tent lights
Lighter Color

Orange, Red, Blue

MultiMagic Cord

Blue, Red, Green


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