Who We Are

Home of the best solar chargers for hiking, camping and cabins.

Seal of Quality – to earn the Sol Green Energy logo all product must meet our quality standards of simplicity, effectiveness and efficiency.

The future shouldn’t be for the few. Our goal is to give people a way to take energy independence into their own hands. We believe the first step to sustainability is self reliance. We provide quality assured solar systems, and the means to understand them, so you can get the power to pursue a safer, more productive and location independent lifestyle.

Guiding Principles – Provide simple solar systems with clear purposes. To be a Sōl Power System it must be balanced like a traditional off grid system:

  • Defined daily use levels
  • 3 days worth of reserve power
  • fully recharge in less than 12 Sun Hours
  • Able to supply power while SunCharging

We test existing systems on the global market and collaborate with the leading manufacturers to provide the best systems below the top name brands without compromising quality and redefining service to support this new and exciting technology.

Points of Quality

  • Compatible with all power sources including grid, gas generator, wind and hydro.
  • Solar panel will charge matched power system from empty in 12 hours for “standard” and 6-8 hrs for “fast”
  • Battery will hold 3 days of reserve power based on intended reasonable daily load
  • Every system can solar charge while being loaded, in other words is a UPS (uninterrupted power supply)
  • Use top quality temperature tolerant LiFePO4 batteries in off the shelf products
  • Incredible Durability with heat tolerant cases and materials 
  • Interchangeable Components allowing users to upgrade freely between system levels
  • Non-proprietary universal wire connections available on the commercial market

Backed with insightful customer service, illustrated field guides and tutorials. 30 Day no hassle returns and 18 month warranty.

Points of Safety

  • Short circuit protection 
  • Overcharge protection
  • Overheat protection
  • Over discharge protection
  • Over voltage protection
  • No off gassing
  • Low RF interference


In addition to being inherently sustainable we aspire to manufacture local components, locally source products and employ local labor whenever possible. Helping the people who help us strive to find their best lives and generously share profit with our partners core to what we do.

We offer communities and non-profits deep discounts and directly donate solar power to the homeless and to disabled veterans as often as we can.