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Power for remote locations, and home backup.
(or just in case your phone dies)

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Why Sōl Power?

With a high-performance solar power system, you’ll be silently creating and storing electrical power for use at your cabin, garage, barn, or campsite. Owning one will make trips to the gas station less of a costly chore so you won’t have to deal with the smell and noise just for lights and devices.

Discover our catered USB solar power kits

Get a complete USB solar power system for your next expedition

Want Power? You’re in luck!

A cabin off the beaten path?

Wherever it is you love to escape to, you can now have your own power source. Solar power means you can have home-quality outlets without having to pay to hook up to the grid. Giving you the option to extend your stay, indefinitely, if you wanted it to.

Already own a gas generator? Solar power systems are truly off-grid with a secondary power source. The benefit s that you’ll barely ever need to use your gas. Solar will take the cumbersome, expensive, and dirty chore out of your life, for good.

Phone power = safety on the move

We think a solar power system should be in every home as backup and to offset their bill, but that is just our humble opinion.

They transform a power outage into a great story about how you caught up on reading, beat your favorite video game, and watched Netflix while you sent emails to all your relatives.

Lights. Sure beat counting candles and trying to cook in the dark. Solar gives a solution that can dead devices and rooms without lights a thing of the past.

A simple solar system of any kind will transform a potential nightmare into a great time in your living room on WiFi while you wondered if everyone else was ok.

It goes without saying that road trips get challenging. An Sōl power system will lift more of the burden than you can imagine. In fact, having the power to cook or work on your laptop with some lights whenever, and wherever, you need it will enable you to sustain yourself on the road. For how long? Let us know! We love good stories.

We have systems perfect for medical equipment so that during an outage you can know your loved ones are safe and healthy while they weather a storm, or able to travel again because they have the power to anywhere they want back again.

Complete Solar Power Systems

It’s not a Power system without solar panels… so we put together packages based on the goals of your project.

Add a complete self recharging power storage system from Sōl Green Energy. Power up your oaisis or bring home everywhere your explorations take you with true location independace. 

Sol Green Energy provides high-quality off-grid solar power systems, at accessible pricing, with full-service offerings that, combined, cost about the same as what’s offered on the premium market.

Our complete systems fill the need for quiet, fuel-independent remote electricity that can be installed at any location for less than the cost of a utility hookup.

Tell us about your vision:

Let us help you turn your favorite getaway into an oasis. Send us a description of your solar project and a solar engineer will look it over and we will contact you with a proposed solution in 2-3 business days. Initial consultancy completed at no cost.