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mini SunCharger FAQ

Get Answers  Over the years we have been asked many questions and solved common technical issues found in the field by users of the mini SunCharger find the answers here.

Freeloader Power Levels

What’s Best System for You? Compare Freeloaders. Sol Green Energy power systems are all designed to balance your budget with the daily use capabilities of each system. We want to give you accurate expectations of what each system can do before your purchase so you will be happy after you get one. Explore and compare system here.

Plugging into Sunshine

Location Matters Although solar power is like magic it is not. Solar panels need to be in direct sunshine to create useful amounts of energy. Here we offer insight into how these systems work and more importantly how to read the land so that you can place your solar panels in the right location to maximize the amount of power you can harvest from the sun with a Freeloader power generator or SunCharger.

The Science of Power

Information is Power We aren’t talking about theory here. Solar is applied science. We want you to understand principals, clear up misinformation and give you the ability to apply them in ways that reduce frustration in all things electronic. You’re welcome.

What’s it for?

What’s the use? Whatever you love to do, do it better with a silent energy source by your side. Explore our ever growing list of system packages tailored specifically for the activities you already enjoy. Live your best life at your cabin, playing sports, barbecuing and more.

We believe that knowledge should not be left in the dark. Our products are not shrouded in mystery but out in the open so people can have the power and knowledge to live their best lives in the outdoors and able to navigate emergencies safely. Anything else less would not be sustainable.