Reseller Request

Reselling Sol Green Energy Products

We offer our retail partners the opportunity to offer a high-quality system, supported by people who understand solar power, at a reasonable price.

·       Give your customers a whole new way to power their gear so they can work better and play longer

·       Work with a company that understands retail and strives to make selling easy and profitable with higher average margins

·       Every mini SunCharger includes an illustrated field guide so that your customers can answer their own questions after purchase

·       Give them a potentially life-saving device, perfectly suited for anyone who loves the outdoors

With Sol Green Energy, you’re not only giving them the best solar charger, you’re getting a product line that adds functionality and creates up-sale opportunities:

·       Extra power cell

·       Accessory packs

· High-quality USB accessories

We are dedicated to giving our partners a self-contained display that simplifies the selling process for your employees:

·       Secured demo unit

·       Easily fits on any shelf

·       Small footprint

·       Benefits, features, and tips are printed on the back for quick reference

·       QR code links to a video that will answer all of your customer’s questions

Bring the power of the future to your customers today.

Check out our welcome kit options and get a complimentary hand build display with your first order.