Author: Shawn Olmstead-Leahey

Power for the Victims of Fiona

Donate a Mini Solar Hurricane Kit and get a mini SunCharger. Help provide victims of the disaster, people who have lost power and communication, with light and power to supply their phones, laptops, and other small devices. Sol Green Energy will provide each purchaser of a Hurricane kit with a free Mini SunCharger and LED […]

Can Bubble Wrap Save You a Bucket of Money?

A drafty window is almost as bad as not having a window at all. Bubble wrapping windows is easy. It takes a little adjusting to the lighting effect, but it’s totally worth it. We usually leave our favorite windows free of bubble wrap, just so we can see the snow from time to time.  Bottom line: this is an awesome way to save money on your heating bill using a few items that barely cost anything and a little time.